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What Raises Blood Glucose Levels?

"An elevated blood glucose level is defined as excess blood sugar in the blood, and medically known as hyperglycemia..."

Black Rice Nutritional Information

"According to the American Chemical Society, "black rice is a nutritious and economical food source that is estimated to feed about one third of the world's population..."

Does Eating Cereal Help You Lose Weight?

"As a quick and variable breakfast option, cereal is frequently a favourite for busy Americans. Depending on the cereal you choose and what you pair it with, it can along with a healthy balanced diet and moderate physical activity help you to achieve weight loss..."

A List of Foods to Reduce LDL Cholesterol

"LDL cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein, is also known as the bad cholesterol in our bodies. LDL cholesterol promotes the formation of atherosclerotic plaque within artery walls, giving rise to cardiovascular disease..."

How to Read Food Labels for a Milk Allergy

"An abnormal immune reaction to the protein in milk results in milk allergies. Proteins in milk include casein and whey, which should not be confused with the primary sugar in milk, lactose..."

Diet for Spastic Bowel

"Spastic bowel is also referred to as irritable bowel, or spastic colon. It is a chronic, non-inflammatory disease that presents with symptoms of pain and altered bowel habits..."


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