Food/Restaurant Services

Nutrient Analysis and Nutrition Facts Tables
A complete analysis of your recipes. Information provided will be compliant with the requirements for nutrition information. A complete breakdown of the food item will be provided that you can use to show customers which will let them know exactly what they are eating.

Examples of the information listed will be calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, sodium, and any vitamins or minerals present in the food. This is a great tool to separate your business from competitors and demonstrate your commitment to healthy,nutritious food.

Recipe Development and Menu Modification
If you are starting a new restaurant or business, let us help you to design your menu full of healthy and delicious items. If you already have an existing menu we can work with you to make some modifications that will make the food more nutritious and healthy for your customers.

We can also help to create diet specific items for your customers with dietary restrictions. Examples include vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, heart healthy and diabetic menu options which are becoming ever popular.

Food Safety Training
BASICS.fst™ or ADVANCED.fst™ Food Safety Training through TrainCan Food Safety. Our courses are exam-based training and certification programs for food retail and food service professionals, which have been developed in Canada and used extensively throughout for foodservice, food retail and public health sectors to meet public health requirements. They use interactive workshops to fit all learning styles. Certification is valid for 5 years and registered in a national database for verification purposes.

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Custom Services
Looking for a particular service that is not listed? If so, contact us. Recipe for Health can customize services for you to meet your company's requirements.