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Shopping Cart & Couponing Smarts - The Guide to Eating Smart & Saving Money!
Great for those who want to save money AND eat healthy! A review around 'Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide' and the healthiest foods to while getting the biggest bang for your buck. How to save money in the grocery stores. Meal planning and grocery lists. A guide to healthy couponing, freebies and more! Suggested time 1.5 hrs

Workplace Lunches That Work For You
Dos and don'ts for packing a healthy lunch. Tips and tricks for eating out smart. Reading nutrition facts tables and labels. Suggestions for healthy office quick eats and snacks. Suggested time 1 hr.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Weights
A review of 'Eating well with Canada's Food Guide' for weight loss and maintenance. Foods to eat more of, and foods to eat less of. How to determine if you are at a heathy weight. A review of portions, meal and snack planning. Tips and tricks for emotional eating, and making room for those coveted 'treat' foods. Suggested time 1.5 hrs

Eat Smart, Live Longer - Healthy Eating and Disease Prevention
A review of 'Eating well with Canada's Food Guide' complete with specific emphasis on foods from each group, and portions. Discussion around antioxidant food sources, plant based eating, and recipe ideas. Suggested time 1.5 hrs

Destination to Heart Healthy Eating
Review of healthy eating for heart health, including managing blood pressure and cholesterol and preventing risk. The need to know info for packaged products: label reading, ingredient lists, nutrition and health claims when it comes to heart health. Healthy body weights. Suggested time 2 hrs

Eating Well with Diabetes
Review of healthy eating for Prediabetes/Diabetes, including dietary approaches for regulating blood sugar and reducing complication risk. Review of glycemic index, and hypoglycemia management. The need to know info for packaged products: label reading, ingredient lists, nutrition and health claims when it comes to diabetes. Healthy body weights. Suggested time 2 hrs

Presentations of varied duration are available. The above is a suggested guideline. Presentation content can be expanded or condensed to cover your topic of interest and time requirements.


Employee Wellness Programs
Studies have found that when companies invest in employee wellness, the amounts they spend are returned many times over. Sick time does down, insurance premiums drop and medication costs are reduced. Dietitian led employee wellness programs have reduced the cost of health plans by up to 34%. Dietitians can help your employees feel better, get healthier and yes... save you money. -Dietitians of Canada

Individual consultations, group presentations, lunch and learns and weight loss challenges are some of the many options available. We work with you to create a plan that ensures success for employees and a return on investment for employers. For more information please contact us to book a consultation.
Price varies

Writing and Publications
With a weekly column in The Telegram, Amanda is well qualified to write articles about health, nutrition, or other subjects. She has also written locally in the Newfoundland Herald and Downhome Magazine as well as a variety of websites and blogs. She is able to write in both formal publications as well as conversational pieces. If you are looking for a nutrtion expert for your publication, contact us.
Price varies

Media and Appearances
As a veteran of television and radio interviews, Amanda is available to appear or speak at your event. She has appeared on CBC News, NTV News, and Rogers TV and is confortable in all media settings. She can also set up a booth at an event or speak to your group to provide the latest in nutrition, health, and wellness information.

She is also available for media interviews and is the Newfoundland and Labrador media representative for the Nutrition Month campaigns.
Price varies

Looking for a particular service that is not listed? If so, contact us. Recipe for Health can customize services for you to meet your company's requirements.