"Amanda helped me with my goal of becoming a healthier person. She gave me tips to remember portion sizes and how much of each food group I should be eating. It's not just looking at the food guide, there are so many things I learned from her that I think about and use every day. I feel much better on a day to day basis, just from changing my eating habits!”
- L.H.

"Amanda was very professional and she developed creative solutions to meet my weight goals!”
- R.J.

"Through Amanda's home visits, I learned about nutrition in a personalized way  – one in which I could reflect what foods are most agreeable to my body, and lifestyle. I also learned how to sustain a healthy lifestyle through a series of small adjustments like serving sizes using the deck of card rule... Amanda's practical tips for  menu planning and understanding food labels has helped me manage my blood sugar and diabetes in a meaningful way. Amanda helped me realize, health is not something to get around to. I needed to stop procrastinating and begin right then. Understanding and controlling my ‘ food-mood’ connection through healthy snacking (an apple with natural peanut butter or cottage cheese) has given me more energy and a more balanced lifestyle! I feel great! I highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to get healthier and feel better!
- M.P.

"Great two nights! I learned a lot about portions. Great recipes! There are lots of local food items that we have available to eat healthier... I learned about reading labels, how to make different choices and how to look at the food guide in different ways. Very good. Clearly presented and great interactions. A wonderful time. Thank you. I will remember these two nights.
- March 2011 Workshops in Postville, Labrador

"Good to learn about reading labels for your health. It was very interesting and the teaching was great. I attended all 3 of your sessions on healthy living and found all to be very informative. I think we walked away with a lot of information we really needed to know. Thank you so much.”
- Gould's Daffodil Senior Group member